10 Pearls of Faith

1. The Prophet said to Ali, "By Allah, if Allah gives guidance to a person because such teaching is that you are better than cattle wealth red-red. (Bukhari - Muslim).

2. It is not a person enters obligatory prayer time and then he makrooh perfectly and pray with khusyu ', while maintaining Rukus it, but will be erased his sins that have been past for not doing a big sin, it applies at all times. (Muslim).

3. Do not look down (to see the land forces in the foot) before the kick off steps. Only those who set their eyes to the future that will actually meet the road toward the ideals.

4. Every soul is born with the seed has been planted to achieve the benefits of life. But the seed would not grow if not nurtured with courage.

5. The words spoken at random can create discord. The words are cruel to destroy a life.

6. The words spoken in place to ease the tension. The words of love can heal and bless.

7. Every person in this world is a guest, and the money is borrowed. The visitor would have to go, sooner or later, and the loan must be repaid. (Ibn Mas'ud)

8. Know that patience, if viewed in the problem to someone is like from a body. If the head missing the whole body.

9. It's not your problem that bothers you, but the way you look at the problems. It all depends on how you look at something.

10. Optimists are aware of the problem and find a solution, knowing the difficulties and believed that the difficulties can be overcome, see the negative but a positive stress, for the worst but hoping for the best, has reason to grumble, but chooses to smile.

10 Pearls of Faith

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